Managing Director Message

Babak Abbaspour

Continuity of extraction, exploration, production, transportation, and processing of oil products, aiming to conquer the regional and global markets, requires more principled schedules and absorption of capitals due to retention, upgrade and developing of our country’s oil industry. It’s going to be vital in these days while there are unfair international competitions and Iran’s Oil Industry position must be protected and developed.

Establishment of MSG as a company relevant to oil and gas industry during 80th decade, shows government précised attention in order to reduce foreign dependence and to improve the related companies in the new age of Iran’s National Oil Industry. However, empowering of this industry in manufacturing and development of internal industry became more emphasized, but gathering knowledge of engineering, procurement, storage, fabrication and even installation and commissioning about oil and gas wellheads, was a great decision relying on comprehensive development which became brilliant in MSG company.

Creation of this complex is a great opportunity, which comes from endeavors of hardworking personnel, to attend the inland technical and scientific ability depending on our country’s industry potentials. MSG’s most important goal is to make changes in servicing customers according to country’s development process. This great goal would be indicated in flourishing national economy and omitting external dependency, improving internal knowledge and technology, producing effective databases, compilation of standards and developing information management in order to implementation of the huge projects.

We are pride our company consists of highly experienced men and women in EPCI projects. This comes from consideration of complicated human interactions and implementation of special organizational culture.

At the end I will thank all of my colleagues help our company in order to conquer all of the success summits.

رفتن به بالا
 Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex co
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